Speedy Kitchens (The Truth)Speedy Kitchens Owner Lee Jones Tell Lies And Wears Silly Clothes

Whether it’s Speedy Kitchens Telford, Speedy Kitchens West Midlands, Speedy Kitchens Hanley, Speedy Kitchens Stoke on Trent, Speedy Kitchens Shelton or Just Speedy Kitchens reviews in general, then here are a few facts that we at Stilhaus Kitchens feel that you need to know.


The above pictures are of Lee Jones. We at Stilhaus Kitchens think that he looks really cool

The above pictures are of all the really cool items that Lee Jones of Speedy Kitchens buys with all the profit that he makes from his cheap quality kitchens.

More cool Pictures of Speedy Kitchens owner, Lee Jones.

"Lee Jones of Speedy Kitchens sees a pair of shoes that he liked"







Lee has to make a decision before someone else snaps up those shoes.

Here, we see Kitchen Doors in the background but there are more pressing issues on Lee’s mind we think: Those shoes.







Still in doubt but time is of the essence here. Back to the shoe shop and fast. Better take the roof off the car so there is more chance of someone seeing him.






"Mission completed"

Now some more important things like what we at Stilhaus Kitchens think Lee Jones of Speedy Kitchens does not spend very much money on “Work” (Photo’s Supplied By Lee Jones).

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Who needs a fancy office or a fancy warehouse when you have so many Cool Watches, Cuff Links, Shoes and Cars with roofs that come off? It’s all about prioritizing.

Lee Jones from Speedy Kitchens deep in thought.

Answer the following questions correctly and win a blow up sized cardboard cut out of Lee wearing one of his watches.

Which of the following is Lee thinking about? :

1. Do I roll up my sleeves so this picture captures my watch?

2. Do I not roll up my sleeves and capture more of my cuff links?

3. Shall I put my feet on the table so I can get my yellow shoes in?

4. What lies can I tell in facebook forums about Stilhaus Kitchens?

This is what Lee Jones of Speedy Kitchens claimed to be his new gaff.

So, after a hard day wearing all those watches and shoes and cufflinks, it’s time for Lee to do what he loves the most “being someone else”.
Yes we can understand Lee. Some people go home and pour a glass of wine, some go home and roll a spliff. But not Lee, he becomes a different person all together.
Notice the photo catches the watch and still leaves space for the cufflinks? Clever that.

One more quick and simple quiz. Answer the following questions correctly and this time win two life size cardboard cut outs of Lee.

What is Lee Doing ?




Making a gesture to Stilhaus Kitchens for beating his prices, quality and service?

Showing off his new watch?

Showing off his new cufflinks?

Covering a cold sore?

Washing his underpants?

None of the above?

Finally to win three life size cardboard cut outs of Lee, answer the following question correctly.

How many different Hair Do’s does Lee have in this website?

Once upon a time, Lee Jones of Speedy Kitchens was approached by a few of his customers that asked about Stilhaus Kitchens. Now instead of saying something like “they are competitors of mine” or “they are a kitchen company that I cannot compete with” Lee chose instead to say “they are Con-Men, Google Vance Miller to find out more about them. He then posted this comment on Facebook “…Their Warrington flagship store is a derelict building…”.

Then Lee Jones from Speedy Kitchens got really busy and started to post comments on a Facebook forum that suggested that Stilhaus Kitchens were con men and their kitchen showroom did not exist. When one of the Stilhaus customers came onto the forum to explain how happy he was with his kitchen from Stilhaus and his daughter also came on to say the same, Mr. Lee Jones called them both liars.

This left Stilhaus with two choices. Do they sue Lee Jones which would involve time preparing the case, or do they simply give Lee Jones a taste of his own medicine and then he could perhaps go to all the trouble of trying to sue them and they could simply counter sue. Far easier.

So as punishment for being a naughty boy, Stilhaus Kitchens are offering the following deal :

Show Us A Speedy Kitchens Quote And We Will Beat It By 50%. And You Pay Nothing Until It’s Delivered.

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Stilhaus Kitchens Vance Miller can't even compete with Stil Haus Kitchens prices.